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WebLogic JaasLounge SSO support coming up


The JaasLounge team wishes you a happy new year!

We have great plans for 2010.
First of all, the WebLogic module for JaasLounge SSO is currently being deployed and tested for thousands of users and will be available to you very soon on the Subversion repository.
Secondly, as you noticed, JaasLounge gets a new fresh skin thanks to the migration to Maven.
Last but not least, we are going to implement the JSR 196 included in Java EE 6 and start migrating our SSO modules into JSR 196 compliant modules.

JaasLounge SSO for Oracle


We are pleased to announce that an new JaasLounge SSO module for Oracle Application Server has just been committed to the SVN repository.

The new authentication API provided by Oracle, the Pluggable Identity Management Framework, is being used as the underlying mechanism.
Thus, the minimum requirement is version of OC4J.

As said previously, this module introduce the new JaasLounge libraries. These aim to provide better handle of token deconding and include the parsing of Microsoft PAC data.
PAC (Privilege Attribute Certificate) takes place as part of authorization data of a Keberos Ticket when using Active Directory as a Kerberos Key Distribution Center.
It contains the group membership list and much more information about the user account.

PAC decoding in JaasLounge SSO


JaasLounge used to offer SSO against Active Directory at container level.  We now go further and support PAC decoding!
PAC (Privilege Attribute Certificate) is some data that takes place in the authorization data slots of a Keberos Ticket when using Active Directory as a Kerberos Key Distribution Center.
It contains the group membership list and much more information about the user account.
See more at MSDN.

In previous implementations, JaasLounge was using jCIFS to handle GSS negotiation stuff.
The new JaasLounge modules now implement this and even more by decoding SPNego token and Kerberos ticket to extract the PAC information.

These new modules have been developped under the new project model established for JaasLounge and particular efforts have been made to ensure enterprise quality at every level.
Check them and provide feedback as much as you can. Once again, do not hesitate to post in forums!

First use of these new libs will be done in the next supported server for JaasLounge SSO: Oracle Application Server coming soon.

JaasLounge migrating...


Due to recent activity and new project objectives, JaasLounge needs to adopt up-to-date technologies.

Thus, first, current CVS repository will be replaced by a SVN one. Old source code will still be available with some little refactoring.

Then, the structure of code itself will be changed to be more accessible, more usable and modre maintainable.
We will progressivly use Maven 2 in all subprojects, including brand new ones to be announced.

To be continued...

JaasLounge 1.0.0RC1 release : Active Directory SSO support


JaasLounge now offers Active Directory SSO to your app server without having to modify your applications.
First supported servers for JaasLounge SSO are Tomcat 5.0.28 and above, Websphere 6.
This version also brings JaasLounge login modules to Glassfish, Jetty, Websphere 6.
We are working on WebLogic integration for the next release. This is a release candidate version with a lot of new code, so we need feedback : do not hesitate to post in the forums.

JEE 5 Glassfish server support


JaasLounge login modules integrate easily with Glassfish security, using the Glassfish admin console.
Glassfish server support will be included in the next binary release.
Glassfish support is already available via CVS if you want to test it.
See the "glassfish support.txt" in the doc directory for explanations.

JaasLounge 0.3.0 released : Active Directory support


Active Directory support is now available in JaasLounge.
You can download it here.
This is a beta release, feedback is welcome.

Active Directory login module pre-release


Active Directory support is available from the CVS repository : this is a developer release, feel free to download and test.
Feedback is welcome (test system specs, number of concurrent users etc).
Official release will come as soon as the module is tested enough.

Next release : Active Directory support


JaasLounge will support Active Directory authentication and group information retrieval in the next release.
The new login module is currently tested and will be released soon.
This is a significant step for the project : thanks to Christian for all that good job.

Project status changed to Beta; new Project Team Member


JaasLounge is currently beta-tested in a production environment (a 30-users web-app for an industrial company). Welcome to Christian Zistler, who joins the team as a Java Developer.

Documentation for JaasLounge released


A brief documentation for NtlmLoginModule and MapperLoginModule has been released today.
It explains Tomcat and JBoss configuration for JaasLounge modules.
This documentation is available on the documentation page.

JaasLounge 0.2.0 released


This version contains a new JAAS login module : MapperLoginModule. Bugs on NtlmLoginModule where fixed. Source code has been added. For installation/usage documentation, see release notes on the download page.

JaasLounge 0.1.0 released


This is a binary release, source code will be added in the very next days. For installation/usage documentation, see release notes on the download page.

JaasLounge on SourceForge


The JaasLounge project is now hosted on SourceForge.